Today we’re incredibly excited to sit down with Stephanie Poetri.  She is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, from Jakarta Indonesia, who catapulted to international fame with her viral hit "I Love You 3000," a song that not only showcased her melodic prowess but also her ability to capture the nuances of emotion and storytelling within her music.

Her music can be characterized by its emotive lyricism and catchy melodies, speaking to a generation navigating the complexities of love, life, and self-discovery.

With a growing discography that explores themes of young love, aspirations, and vulnerability, Stephanie has not only built a strong discography but has also formed a deep connection with her audience, who see their own stories and experiences reflected in her songs.

In the conversation, we'll dive into the journey from aspiring musician to global sensation, exploring the inspirations behind her music, her creative process, and how her multicultural background influences her artistry. We'll also get a glimpse into her life outside of music, her aspirations for the future, and her message to fans who have been on this journey with her.