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We’re reinventing music learning by combining composition classes and immersive storytelling to enhance your child’s creative development.

About Us speaking provides music classes for your kids with a whole lot more fun! Our unique program teaches children practical music skills through the freedom of composition, immersive storytelling, gamified missions, and creative problem-solving. The end result? Wonderfully composed songs fueled by your child’s Superhero potential.

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The Challenges

Today’s music education approach is out of tune with how young people learn.

Established music education programs remain fixed on traditional note memorization.

80% of kids quit music lessons within 2 years.

Current music education doesn’t consider the diversity of how children learn.

Learning Objectives

The 4 Elements of Song making





Children train to become Superheroes by using these elements to compose a song. They practice then perform their song in a final battle!

The Program

Each music class has a mission set out by General Jukebox. Kids learn practical music skills that they use to battle and defeat their enemies. At the end of our starter classes, your kids will have learned the four elements of song making, recorded their own song, and performed it for you!

Key Outcomes

Enhanced Music


Creative Problem


Power Your Kids Up with We make Music Superheroes!

Register Today will be at Trehaus this November and December. Come join fellow Superheroes in action and get creative with music! 1 – Basic Level Camp

Date: Nov 19 – 23, MONDAY-FRIDAY
Time: 2 PM – 5 PM

Register For This Class 2 – Intermediate Level Camp

Date: Dec 3 – 7, MONDAY-FRIDAY
Time: 2 PM – 5 PM

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Phone: +65 8341-0509

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Superhero Testimonials

“My daughter had so much fun taking I noticed my daughter was naturally more interested in music.”

“My son hated practicing Violin...and hated when lesson day came. With its the first time I ever heard him say "When's music class?”

“I couldn't believe my children could make their own music. When I heard what he made, I was so impressed!!! ”

“Now that we know sound, rhythm, melody and lyrics, if we put them together we can make a song! and in my words, this is the best way to learn music.”