Hotel Ugly’s musical background can be attributed to a number of factors. Influenced at a young age, their music centric backgrounds has given them the legs to stand in their music production. Excelling in different aspects, Mike and Chris both have mastered their craft.

Mike’s skills in music production and audio engineering have been finely combed through the years. Chris’s attention when it comes to songwriting and instrumental is unmatched. Together, they’ve formed the band known as “Hotel Ugly”. An innovative approach to the industry, they’re Ep “The Ugly EP”, made a splash within the indie music scene.

Under their band name, they released an EP titled “The Ugly EP”, which features the soon to be hit song titled “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling”. Upon release, the song began to make rounds on social media. Featured in numerous TikToks, the song gave Hotel Ugly the platform in order to take over the indie music scene of Houston.

As the song gained in popularity, people began to notice the obvious talents of Hotel Ugly. Crafted with dedication and passion for music in mind, “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling” soon proved to be Hotel Ugly’s key to success.

Since “Shut Up My Mom’s Calling,” Hotel Ugly has enjoyed much success. As a Houston-based band, they’ve toured all over Texas. Enriching the lives of new fans county wide, the traction made in Texas has proven fruitful to their success.

Touring in places like San Marcos, San Antonia, and Dallas just to name a few, they’re showing a new side to the indie music scene. Serving as a catalyst for indie music, Hotel Ugly continues to grow within the industry.

Aside from their work in the industry, the importance of mental health is something Hotel Ugly holds dear and near to them. Growing in popularity, they’ve outreached their services to the Mental Health of America within the greater Houston area. Through their performances, they are raising money to aid those struggling mental health. In doing so, they’ve prioritized more opportunities for those who struggle with mental health.