Who are the people behind Sonical.ly: The Superhero Music School?

Elmo Chong is one half of music production duo Double Dragon. Along with his brother they have composed for some of the most famous acts in K-Pop, Pop and Hip Hop. Some of these acts include Rain, NCT 127, Drunken Tiger, Yoonmirae, Leessang, Jay Park, 10 CM, Crush, Lexie, Bobby Kim, Swollen Members, Da Truth and many more. Through these projects, their music has been nominated for Grammys, Juno awards and held high positions on the Billboard and Korean Music Charts.

In addition to this, their music has been featured on motion pictures such as The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, In The Mix starring Usher, and The Steve Nash documentary. Their T.V. syndication credits include campaigns for Sony MDR headphones, Korea’s hit hip hop audition programs Show Me the Money and Unpretty Rapstar.

With 20 years of music composition/production expertise, Elmo has developed a program to teach children how to make their own music through a unique method of combining composition lessons with immersive storytelling.

“My job as a music producer is to teach and bring the absolute best out of people to achieve the best results creatively. I have always felt that the teaching methods I have used in the studio could be applied to teaching children composition if it were taught in the right way. That sparked the idea to use story-telling and gamification to teach the fundamentals of making music, so that kids could experience this wonderful creative process which has so many benefits for a growing mind. The greatest take away for kids is that through this freedom of expression, it enhances their creative development, problem-solving, and team work skills, all while having a lot of fun.”

The Superhero story elements of Sonical.ly were made in collaboration with two young brotherly creators 7 year old Kyan Kim and 6 year old Luke Kim. Together they assisted in the story development and character design. Upon the completion of the first installment of Sonical.ly, Kyan and Luke were formally named Co-Founders of the Company.

As this is a program for the children, Elmo thought it was important that some key story elements and characters were also developed and co-created from the perspective of a child’s wonderous imagination. With Kyan and Luke being immersed in the world of superheroes everyday through their play, it was a perfect collaboration.

“As we are just getting off the ground and running, we hope that Sonical.ly can be a program that all children can have fun participating in, with the ultimate goal of unleashing the inner music superhero within!”